Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its my duty to please that booty.

Today in the mail i received my civil obligated duty to be apart of the tarrant county justice system. Ive gotten jury summons many times but i always decline due to school. This time i will have to decline again do to some medical problems i over enlarge PENIS....this a disability that has plagued my life for many years. Women do not like huge guys like me due to the fact that its feels like a train driving through a rabbit hole very painful. So i am sorry tarrant county i must decline your jury summons.

the summons....sounds like a scary movie

Tha past couple of days ive been working on this rubriks is kicking my ass...cant remember all the algorythems for all the ways to complete this. So i used my trusty youtube and theres step by step directions how to do finally i finished it with the help of the week i will do it on my own.

half way done

For the past couple of weeks i have been checking my favorite blog online. Fur Face Boy is a great sight i often check it every couple of hours just to see if he updates. Ha has some funny shit on there....maybe i will send my picture soon so i can be famous.

my favorite snl skit of all time

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  1. uncle qa i want to be come a rubiks cube champ!